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Chapter 3

  • DEAN
  • I can’t take my eyes off Kiera’s sweet ass as she walks away. Ever since she turned 18, she’s all I can think about. She’s been bringing her brother to all his practices and games ever since she turned 16. I knew she had a crush on me. It was obvious in the way she’d stare at me with those big brown eyes of hers like I was her entire world. I always blew it off as a harmless crush, but now it’s way too hard to ignore. She still looks at me like she adores me, but there’s an added heat to it. Now she looks at me like she wants to beg me to fuck her. It’s getting harder and harder to resist her. I’m not sure I even want to anymore.
  • When they’ve driven off, I stand by my Jeep for a few more minutes willing my cock to go down. After what feels like an eternity, I’m able to get in and sit down. Fuck, that girl drives me wild. I’ve never reacted this way to a woman before, and I’ve had my share of them. I didn’t lie to Kiera. I never did like hockey whores, but that doesn’t mean I lived like a saint. None of them even made me feel a smidgen of what I feel for Kiera, though. There’s just something about her that makes everything else disappear.
  • I spend the rest of the day trying to plan for tomorrow’s game but instead spend most of the day thinking about Kiera. After a night of tossing and turning and then a very vivid sex dream, I wake to a raging hard-on, and, I swear, the taste of Kiera’s pussy on my lips. That’s what I’d just been devouring in my dream, and I close my eyes, hoping like hell I can get back to it.
  • It’s no use. I smack the mattress in frustration before grabbing my cock. No way am I going to get any peace today until this is taken care of. Closing my eyes, I remember the way she’d looked in my dream, her head thrown back, back arched, tits on full display, thighs spread wide for me as I licked and sucked on her sweet pussy. I think about kissing my way up her body, pressing the head of my cock against her wet cunt, teasing her with it as she begs me to fuck her. My hand speeds up as I imagine sliding my way into her, her small body clenched around me while I fuck her hard.
  • I want to devour and claim every damn inch of her body, and when I start to cum, I imagine filling her with my seed, claiming her little womb as mine. Because that’s what she is. She’s mine, and there’s no use denying it anymore. I feel the heat of my seed as I’m forced to cum in my hand. My body tenses and pleasure roars through me, but when I’m spent, I let out a sigh, feeling more frustrated than before.
  • Fuck this, I think getting up to clean myself off with a shower. I’m way too old to be jerking off to fantasies of Kiera. I want her, the real her, and I’m not stopping until I get her.
  • After a shower and a quick breakfast, I set about getting ready for tonight’s game and, more importantly, Kiera’s skating lesson. It seems like the day passes at a snail’s pace, but finally, it’s time for me to load up my Jeep and go.
  • Stepping into the arena always gives me a rush of pleasure. I don’t care if it’s stepping out for an NHL game with thousands of people watching or just walking into our simple ice rink in town. I don’t care. I love the smell of the ice, the sounds of sticks hitting the puck, and the crash as skaters are checked into the boards. I just love hockey, every damn thing about it.
  • The locker room is filled with anxious, chattering young men, and they are all quiet when they see me walk through the doors. I go over some plays with them, help some with equipment issues, and tell them to do their best and have fun. When it’s time for them to hit the ice, I give them each a smack on their helmeted heads as they exit the locker room and then follow them to the ice.
  • While they’re warming up on the ice, I check to make sure we have everything we need and give a friendly nod to the opposing team’s coach who’s in the box next to ours. Looking out at his team as they warm up, I can see he has some good skaters, but I still think mine are better and that we’ll most likely win as long as they can keep their heads in the game.
  • I look into the crowd and immediately spot Kiera. She always sits in the same spot—center ice, directly opposite from where I’m usually standing in the box. I give her a wave when her eyes meet mine. A smile lights up her face when she waves back. God, she looks gorgeous.
  • When the ref drops the puck and Tommy makes a perfect pass to the left wing, I have to force my mind to stay on the game. It doesn’t help when we score our first goal and I look over to find her jumping up and down in the stand, clapping and cheering with her perfect tits bouncing with her movements.
  • Usually, hockey games fly by for me, but this one drags on, and by the time the buzzer rings signaling the end of the third period, I give the gpatpats on the back as they celebrate their 4-2 victory. Reserving a special “well done” for Tommy, Jordan, and Alex. They work together well. They intuitively seem to know right where the other is going to be. It’s rare to find that kind of connection, so I tell them I’m keeping them as the first line for the indefinite future. They look as happy about the news as I thought they would. If they keep working hard, they have a real shot at getting a hockey scholarship and possibly even making it into the AHL, and if they work their asses off, maybe even the NHL. I’m damn proud of them, and I make sure they know it.
  • After celebrating with them for a few extra minutes in the locker room, they finally all cleared out for some much-deserved pizza. Kiera is waiting for me outside the locker room, leaning against the wall, looking sexy as fuck in a short plaid skirt with black leggings underneath and a black sweater that hugs her like a second skin. Her coat is draped over her arm, and I’m glad she didn’t feel the need to wear it. I’d hate for anything to cover up my view of her.
  • “Hey,” she says, giving me a big smile.
  • “You ready for your first lesson?”
  • “First?” she says, her smile growing as a light blush heats her face.
  • “You didn’t think you could learn it all in just one, did you?” I lean in close and give her a wink. “That’s just insulting, Kiera. It takes skill to ice skate well. I imagine we’ll probably have to do several lessons.”
  • “You’re right, and that’s if I catch on quickly. I might be a slow learner.”