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Chapter 40 - Death by Food

  • A knock on the door made Henri pause from writing and stare across the room. Even just this alone he knew already who visited him.
  • The door opened and in came Lady Ursula holding a cane instead of a staff. Henri arched a brow at this change of her appearance. Normally, she’d use her staff as just a prop or none at all. She never used a cane ever since.
  • Lady Ursula, who saw the silent question in his eyes, merely flipped her hand in the air and scoffed.
  • “No need to comment. My arthritis is acting up.”
  • Henri held back a chuckle.
  • “Then you don’t need to personally come here and inform me about Solene’s current whereabouts. I know she’s inside your ‘training grounds,’ Ursula.”
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