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Chapter 39 - Death by Challenge

  • Henri waited for her to answer, wondering how she would react. Although already married and had been sharing a bed more than once, he was aware she was still figuring out her feelings for him.
  • He wanted to give her space and time, but since those three deadly words had been freed from his mouth, there was no backing out now.
  • After a full minute, she didn’t reply, much less move and this informed him of the real situation he was in: his wife had actually fallen asleep and she definitely didn’t hear him say those words.
  • Because of this, Henri felt relieved. Maybe then when the right time comes he’ll confess again and tell her just how much he meant to her.
  • After brushing a rogue strand of hair off of her face, he observed her again and recalled the day when he decided to be her betrothed. He started spying on her and protecting her from the entities she couldn’t yet see. Solene was so frail and innocent back then, but over the course of years, she had grown into a beautiful, strong, and intelligent woman. Of course, he couldn’t show himself to her yet, so he enlisted the help of Lady Ursula and taught her the protective incantation of the tattoos.
  • Everything—the suffering, the longing, the loneliness, and the danger—was all worth it. She was finally in his arms now and he planned never to let her go.
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