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Chapter 37 - Death by Spying

  • “The shipwreck caused a great flood of souls into the gates, Your Highness. The grim reapers were overwhelmed. If they hadn’t sought your help, the sorting of souls would have been compromised. It was an unpre—”
  • “Stop,” Henri abruptly said forcing his secretary to pause and look up at him across the mahogany table.
  • There were stacks of papers and record books spread in front of them, a result of their earlier business meeting. Henri had been super patient this whole time while Mr. Reynold reported what he missed during the honeymoon and what caused his sudden return to Sattus, but when he suddenly felt a break in space and an entrance of a monstrous being inside the estate, he couldn’t help but stop his secretary.
  • “Your Highness?” Mr. Reynold gulped as he watched the master’s attention diverted elsewhere, “ want me—”
  • “I said stop talking,” Henri lashed, his eyes still fixed on a corner of the office wall.
  • Seconds turned to minutes until a slow grin grew on his lips.
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