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Chapter 36 - Death by Summoning

  • This monster growled and snapped its mouth towards Solene. Serrated teeth as sharp as any butcher’s knife flashed before her. Its stem-like hands created small cracks on the floor as it crouched down and readied itself for an attack.
  • Solene was stunned on the spot. She pressed herself against the hardwood door and fought the urge to scream. This was Lady Ursula’s chamber but why was there a monster inside? Where was she?
  • Her thoughts entertained many questions, all of which only the old woman could answer, unfortunately.
  • Another growl reached her ears and with this, she tightly shut her eyes. Her thoughts lingered on Henri and that maybe he’d save her again, but no... No! She immediately shook her head. She wasn’t going to be some useless damsel-in-distress. She was going to be her own knight!
  • Then, something sparked within her.
  • "Amas antik enura,” she suddenly voiced out just as she stared back at the monster with her heterochromatic eyes aglow.
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