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Chapter 33 - Death by Possession

  • For the next two days, the head cleaner, Mrs. Ingrid, and the manor’s chef, Chef Ressu, followed a routine. They would leave breakfast at seven in the morning in a dining area set up inside the sitting room of the Master and Mistress’s chamber. By ten, while the lovers were away for another horse ride, Mrs. Ingrid together with Tessa would come inside the room to clean and restock fresh towels and toiletries. At twelve, lunch would be served in the same dining area and they would only come and pick the dirty plates and empty bowls an hour later, taking considerable effort not to disturb the next room. Tea would be served sometime between three or four in the afternoon, while dinner would be prepared at seven.
  • Solene noticed that she hadn’t seen the faces of the staff for three days in a row now since their brief introduction on the first day. She would have wanted to thank them for their great service and delicious cooking, but Henri’s intimate activities with her kept her from doing just that.
  • She of course didn’t mind as she had been more than enjoying their time together.
  • They made love on almost every waking hour, on almost everywhere of their chamber, and on occasions, outside the manor for a very explosive quickie.
  • Henri had indeed made true to the definition of honeymoon. He showered her with so much attention, so much passion that Solene almost felt like she was the luckiest woman in the world.
  • On the fourth day, both decided to stay inside the manor. Solene, dressed in a printed maxidress, was at the balcony enjoying the late afternoon sun when Tessa walked in and brought snacks. She had her eyes trained on her husband the whole time who was enjoying a dip in the pool. She admired his shirtless form and the way he confidently swam as if he was one with the water. Henri had invited her earlier for a swim but she declined, thinking it was her time now to ogle him.
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