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Chapter 32 - Death by Excessive Ehem...

  • After their breakfast, Henri received some business calls. He was outside the balcony when Solene decided to try the swimming pool. Dressed in a red two-piece swimsuit she deemed conservative enough, she walked past Henri and climbed down the balcony stairs.
  • Of course, this caught Henri’s attention, but since he was still in the middle of a meeting, he instead tightly clutched the balustrade and gave Solene a desirous gaze.
  • The pool’s water features were already turned on when Solene stepped inside. Bubbles from the small waves were everywhere. The temperature was comfortably cool, so she immediately swam underwater. By the time she resurfaced, she was already on the other side of the pool.
  • Checking him out, Solene found that Henri was still on his phone, but his eyes were definitely trained on her.
  • She gave him a grin and decided to submerge again, taking considerable time before hitting the surface. After a deep breath, once again, she swam underwater, did some backstrokes and a number of spins she learned from her high school swimming class, and came back up for air two minutes later.
  • Henri was still on his phone and it seemed they were discussing an important matter because he had his back towards her and he was barking out something about a shipwreck and dead passengers.
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