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Chapter 25 - Death by Walking Down the Aisle

  • For Solene, everything came in a rush the next morning. First, she was awakened by Meridith and Patricia with silly smiles on their faces and stacks of boxes behind them obviously full of her wedding outfit. This made Solene blush and remember that this was the day she was getting married.
  • Second, after a short, peaceful bath, she was pulled quickly by Armand’s team to do the hair and make-up. Solene was silent the whole time, only answering and smiling whenever it was necessary. She recalled her talk with Henri last night and the parting words he gave her before she went back to her room with the book.
  • ’I’ll make sure you won’t regret marrying me, Solene.”
  • She was more than certain he wasn’t bluffing at all when he said that. He had been doing an excellent job as her betrothed since the very beginning and so, surely, as her husband soon he would do even better.
  • Third and the last of all, Armand’s team assisted her as she wore the wedding gown. She didn’t really touch this subject back when they were preparing. She already had an inkling this was one of the specific details a family like the Rantzens would ascertain beforehand. After all, it was expected the image of their bride mirrored their high-caliber reputation.
  • However, when her mother mentioned that she and Riza contributed to the bride’s wedding gown design, Solene felt teary eyed. At least this time, she could walk down the aisle whilst feeling one with the dress.
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