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Chapter 24 - Death by Sealing the Deal

  • Solene found a place where she could cry her heart out and oddly enough, it was the center of the maze where the statue of the theta lay. This was illuminated with soft spotlights numerous enough to make her feel safe around the darkness of the area. She sat at the edge of the fountain and brought her knees closer together so that her head could rest, while the grimoire, well, she left it lying on the ground. She didn't have an urge to open it yet.
  • There was not a single sound of her sob, but her eyes streamed grossly with tears. They fell like liquid crystals onto the cobblestone ground, similar to the fountain's splashes of water.
  • Indeed she felt betrayed by her family and it deeply stabbed her trust on them, but still she understood their side as to why they had to keep the truth from her. After all, her mother and father got what they wanted. She was able to live her life normally, or at least for the past six years where the tattoos protected her from these so-called accidents. She was able to study through high school and even got a college degree where she could be proud about. She met great people, made friends, bonded with her best friend and was able to simply go about her day to day living without the thought of ghosts and demons targeting her.
  • Those innocent days were over now, but she knew she was going to relish them forever, and that was something she was thankful about from her family. They truly gave her peace of mind.
  • Still though, she wanted to welcome the feeling of betrayal squeezing her chest at least for this time. Crying her frustrations and disappointments out were part of the adjustment process. It was her only way when she had no best friend in this part of the world to talk to.
  • "Crying alone won't do you good," without warning, Henri emerged from the hedges.
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