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Chapter 21 - Death by Eating

  • Solene was led inside the Master’s chamber that evening by Norman and Patricia. The entire time she traipsed the hallway, her thoughts swam to the idea that not only was she about to have a dinner date with Henri, but she will be entering his room once again.
  • The very room where she woke up this morning and the very room she will be sleeping tonight.
  • This was good practice for her future married life with him, she thought, but still that didn’t mean her heart wasn’t pounding like crazy, especially when thinking about their intimate session in her room. It was highly likely it would happen again in the very near future.
  • Once Norman opened the double doors, she entered and gaped. Truly, the Master’s room was a house of its own. Apart from a cooking area, everything was present: the receiving space, study, dining area, and the bedroom. Solene wasn’t able to take note of these sections earlier this morning as she left in haste.
  • Norman guided Solene past the receiving area to another section of the room: a balcony garden, and this was located behind tinted French double doors. He stood facing it and lowered his head.
  • “My Lord, Lady Solene is here,” he informed. After opening the doors, he gestured for her to enter. She did so after a single nod.
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