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Chapter 20 - Death by Fighting

  • When Anklet told her she would be trained on how to fight, Solene wasn’t surprised. She assumed it was because of the hostage incident in the wedding boutique that was why Henri ordered it. She couldn’t complain though. Her grandfather had already trained her how to fight in the past. If she didn’t stop those trainings when she reached high school she would have probably become a black belter now.
  • Solene just nodded in understanding and went to the bathroom to take a bath. When she watched her reflection in the mirror, her mouth immediately gaped and a visible blush colored her cheeks.
  • She wasn’t too innocent not to recognize the angry bruise on her neck that looked particularly like a kiss mark. Remembering her moment with Henri, she bit her bottom lip. So this was what he meant by ‘flaunt it however I like.’
  • She couldn’t do that of course not because she was ashamed of it. No. Never. It just wasn’t within her comfort zone to actually show a delicate, special thing to other people.
  • After her bath, she tried on different clothes that would suit her activities and would cover the kissmark. She ended up choosing a spandex turtleneck long-sleeved shirt that was loose on the neckline and super comfortable on the skin. She partnered it with stretchable leggings and a pair of sneakers.
  • She spent most of her morning with the wedding team and over lunch, they were able to finalize the whole concept of the wedding.
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