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Chapter 16 - Death by Confusion

  • The intensity of Solene’s cheeks blushing could have been compared to a rose petal after she heard Henri’s words. It was a promise all new to her. A promise she was sure he was going to execute without hesitation.
  • It shouldn’t have flustered her that much considering he was her fiancé but still, she couldn’t control herself. A kiss like that meant she’d taste his lips again and God knows how much she enjoyed them to the fullest.
  • Good thing the light inside the limousine was dim and she had the option to keep her face hidden from his view. This way, she was safe from his observing eyes. At least for now.
  • With her heart thudding against her rib cage, she carefully decided to stay silent during the remainder of their ride.
  • Henri didn’t seem bothered by it. He remained contemplatively silent too, but a few minutes later, he received nonstop calls from work effectively pulling him out from their little sweet bubble.
  • When they arrived in the mansion, Solene slipped out first, giving him a single nod before doing so. She entered the foyer wherein Patricia was already waiting.
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