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Chapter 13 - Death by His Scent

  • Silently, they walked side by side along the hallways and stairs with Patricia following behind them. When they reached at a ten-foot double door located in the second floor of the mansion, the Lord offered his elbow for her hand to slip into. Solene did so whilst trying to calm her pounding heartbeat. She wasn’t really into parties, but she could hold herself when she was in one. All her anxiety stemmed from the fact that she’ll be seeing all members of the Rantzen Clan as per Patricia. This party was not just a welcome party, but an initiation to officially include her into the Rantzen circle.
  • “Master Henri Rantzen of the Rantzen Clan with his fiancée, Miss Solene St. Fair, of the St. Fair Household,” announced the Head Butler of the mansion, Norman. His chin was raised high and a proud smile crossed his face.
  • Henri and Solene stepped forward past the double doors, their heads held high, commanding attention. However, for Solene, she couldn’t keep herself from gasping internally when she saw the area they were in. For the most part, it looked like any other hall with tables and chairs, chandeliers in every corner of the ceiling and a dance floor. However, the extent of the guests was enough to drown out the available space of the hall. Solene knew the Rantzen Clan was big. She just didn’t expect it to be this big.
  • Were all these guests really members of the family?
  • Henri loosened his arm from her grip and stepped forward, looking down the stairs were all the bodies have gathered, their attention all directed to him.
  • “To my family, a pleasant evening,” Henri stated, bowing on a few elderly people in front of the line. “I extend my humble thanks for attending this intimate gathering to finally welcome my fiancée, Solene St. Fair. Help me make her transition into our household comfortable and smooth.”
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