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Chapter 12 - Death by Smothering

  • Once they landed and transferred to an eight-door black limousine, Solene had not had the chance to speak with the Lord anymore. The moment he entered the vehicle, the constant ringing of his mobile phone regarding business matters didn’t give Solene an opening to broach the earlier subject. Sure this disappointed her, but expecting she’ll be spending time with him more and more, she decided to bury her inquiry temporarily. Instead, she rerouted her attention to the view past her side of the window, allowing herself to acquaint with the new country she was in.
  • But even with the fresh touristy look of the streets, shops and the scenic spots they passed by, she couldn’t peel her focus away from the man beside her. His voice reverberated all over the small space, confining her ears to his manly sound. Adding to her dilemma was his scent: a mixture of cologne and something delightfully masculine, teasing her nose to take a deep breath. She certainly hadn’t noticed such aroma in the many times they had met, and she thought maybe it was potent now because of the confined space.
  • In the twenty minutes drive, she tried hard to keep her attention away from her husband-to-be. When in those moments that she really did have an enjoyable time watching the forests and beaches along the way, she couldn’t help but make a delighted sound within her throat. This time, it was Henri who stopped mid-talking and listened to the wondrous sound. A ghost of a smile would appear then, satisfaction crossing his face at Solene’s happiness.
  • By the time they arrived in the Rantzen Estate, it was already past seven in the evening. Female servants scurried to fetch Solene’s luggage while she and the Lord disembarked the car.
  • A long line of servants in two rows stood waiting at the entrance of the massive mansion. Solene saw a tall, less muscular middle-aged man in a butler outfit bow down before them when they both climb up the steps. The other servants wearing white and maroon uniforms followed his lead. One short, chubby Mexican woman however, stepped out of the line and beamed a smile.
  • “Oh my goodness! Is that her?!” she cried out giddily, her expression throwing a question towards the Lord.
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