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Chapter 11 - Death by Tequila

  • The stewardess left the bedroom first while Solene followed. The whole time she traipsed the hallway to the interior of the plane, her pulse double worked. She felt as if her heart was about to leap out of her chest. She felt as if her insides had somersaulted sixty-nine times or possibly even more. Her breathing picked up and all her senses grew hyper-aware.
  • She was about to see her soon-to-be-husband finally and she was going to give him a piece of her mind, planning to ditch hi’s or hello’s and other unnecessary pleasantries. After all, he didn’t seem to care about that before the plane took off, or what’s more, for the whole of her fifteen years of life since they were faithfully betrothed by their families.
  • Karma was in order and she was going to serve it in full.
  • However, as she got a full view of the man sitting on one of the leather seats facing her, she couldn’t help herself but laugh—the I-should-have-known-this-would-happen kind of laugh. She wanted to slap herself for being too clueless, but clearly it seemed he deliberately didn’t want her to know it was him.
  • He was busily fixing his cuffs, his hands covered with black leather gloves, as Solene stopped a few feet away. She never found such an item sexy, but she did now and it surprised her. Just like the other times she saw him, he looked well-dressed; his choice of clothes tasteful. The gloves were a perfect complement to his ensemble.
  • His cheek wound however was gone now. The skin was flawless and not a scar was seen.
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