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Chapter 9 Familiarity

  • “I dared not. I am merely stating a fact.”
  • What an interesting lady.
  • Mu hid his smirk. The lady stood fearlessly before him, arousing even more of his interest and curiosity.
  • And Yaxin immediately regretted her actions. She had caused too much unnecessary attention! And now she felt like she was thrown into the lion’s den. Face hot as coal and her icy fingers pinched tightly on her dress.
  • Yaxin tried to compose herself, “If there is no other matter then I shall now head back to work.” And she quickened her steps without waiting for an answer.
  • “Hold for a moment,” Mu’s alluring voice came from behind.
  • Yaxin froze instinctively. And she shut her eyes in rue.
  • Why did I stop!? I should’ve ignored him and walk away!
  • It was inexplicable, but she just felt unnatural to defy him!
  • Mu rose from his chair slowly and strode towards her.
  • The room was with deafening silence and Yaxin can hear her own heart pounding rapidly. On the surface she seemed expressionless but underneath she was on pins and needles, so tensed that she couldn’t move a muscle.
  • He has an overshadowing build. A dangerous air around him that invaded her space and was slowly constricting on her.
  • She had thought about thousands of possibilities of them meeting but never like this!
  • To make bad worse, he seemed to recognize her!
  • Mu stared intensely at her. His eyes had the same clarity as a mountain stream and gleamed with vigour like two magnificent gems. He came closely, a proximate of a breath’s away.
  • Yaxin was startled and she backed up terror-struck to the wall. Mu continued to corner her by moving his arms over her and pressed them onto the wall, leaving her no room to escape.
  • His action was aggressive and provocative.
  • “What… What are you doing!?” Yaxin’s attempt to appear calm as clam was busted. She completely panicked under his pressuring presence.
  • Even after two years, he remained unchanged! Just as ignoble and lecherous!
  • Mu was satisfied to see her stuttering. He had the charm to stop women on their tracks and he was accustomed to that, the sudden pause in their natural expression followed by overcompensating with a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile. Of course with the company of blushing that gave their heart away. And it didn’t help that he was so domineering, it just made them fall for him even more.
  • “What do you think I will do (to you)?” Mu smirked smugly.
  • “Mr. Mu you are inappropriately close. It can cause misunderstandings.”
  • A savvy woman at that. Quick-witted to relief herself from a tight spot.
  • Mu thought to himself.
  • He paid no heed to her displeasure, and stared even more intently at her face.
  • “Xia Yaxin…”
  • He mumbled her name repeatedly, frowning deeply as he tried to comb through his memory.
  • Yaxin felt a trembling weakness in her knees. She breathed shallowly with outmost care, in great fear that he might recognize her. His next question completely caught her off guard and left her petrified.
  • “Why do you feel so familiar… Do I know you?”