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Chapter 708 Unhand

  • An Ruoman stared at Xia ChengXuan. The moment the knife tip was burrowed inside his body, her pupils dilated and her mind went blank.
  • She didn’t know what she should do.
  • As if all the strength had left her body.
  • Xia ChengXuan looked at the reporter and he wanted to chase after him, despite the pain. However, now that the man had gotten what he wanted, he simply hurled the handbag on Xia ChengXuan. When An Ruoman saw that, she immediately blocked in front of Xia ChengXuan to defend him.
  • The handbag struck An Ruoman’s head.
  • “Ruoman…” Xia ChengXuan called out in distress. But the woman had fallen to the floor.
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