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Chapter 7 Confrontation

  • Then the door was pushed open. Yaxin tensed in panic and turned away to leave.
  • “Who are you? And why are you standing here?” A hostile and stentorian voice came from inside.
  • Yaxin knew she must now give them a satisfying explanation, otherwise it would just spell trouble. She lifted her eyes and hid her uneasiness, with a modulated tone, she explained, “I am the new…”
  • Just before she could finish her sentence, she received her second trauma of the day…
  • What in the world is he doing here!?
  • Yaxin’s mind went blank and her jaw dropped comically, like the genie from Aladdin.
  • He is the president of Yun Rui?!
  • How in the world is this even possible!
  • And at that moment, countless thoughts raced through her mind. Every single brain cells of hers are yelling ‘RUN!’, but her feet were heavy as lead, as if it was rooted in the ground.
  • After these years, Mu looked more mature and even closer to perfection. He seemed to be moulded from a different cast as he had an androgynous look uncommon to most people. His face was of such sharp contours it’s as if they were sculpted and pared to perfection by a master craftsman. His basalt jaw and Spartan shoulders spoke of strength. He possessed a latent, leonine power and always moved with purpose and authority. Perhaps, his only blemish was that his stare was cold as ice and his eyebrows knitted in temper.
  • Mu observed the stranger from head to toe. Not a beauty in the classical way, no flowing golden curls nor temperament like a catwalk model, but in her ordinariness she was mysteriously attractive. Something radiated from her that made her pleasing. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes, her tranquil eyes stared at him and a set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she left her mouth wide open…
  • Wait a second…Why is her mouth wide open?
  • And the way she looks at me is rather… peculiar. Does she know me?”
  • However, Mu could not find any recollection of such individual. What more such a striking woman.
  • “You have yet to answer me.” Mu asked again, intimidatingly this time.
  • His enchanting voice brought Yaxin back to her senses, “Umm… I am…”
  • “Were you eavesdropping on us?” The lady beside him strutted forward, presumably the aforementioned Yiqiu.
  • Well, the plight of attractive girls.
  • Yiqiu displayed an evident hostility towards Yaxin. She blamed her for interrupting their steamy moments.
  • Yaxin frowned at Yiqiu’s rudeness, “I am the new designer, Xia Yaxin. Hereby reporting for duty.” Yaxin answered impeccably, clear and concise.
  • “Xia… Yaxin?” Mu lightly repeated after her, while his eyes scanning with a mixture of interests and incomprehension.
  • When Mu mentioned her name, Yaxin could feel as if her heart was in her mouth. She couldn’t move a muscle and her hands started to sweat.
  • When bad luck hits you like a train… How unthinkable that the famed president of Yun Rui Corp is HIM!
  • If she only knew, she would NEVER have considered working here!
  • “Come inside,” Mu instructed.
  • “Haoyu…” Yiqiu called out in coquettish.
  • “Yiqiu, you should leave. I have work and I will find you after that.” Mu told her off dominantly.
  • “Okay~ I’ll wait for you tonight!” Yiqiu answered in meekness. She knew how to behave when the man gets serious. She has spent sufficient time to learn that he has exceeding prominence over his work matters.
  • “Ok.” Mu replied.
  • As the two ladies crossed paths, Yiqiu threw her a warning glare.
  • Finally, the room is left with just the two, Yaxin and Mu Haoyu!