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Chapter 654 Realization

  • When the others saw that, they didn’t care and simply clapped and cheered for them. Nobody knew who was that young girl with unfamiliar face. They don’t know her relationship with Mu Haoyu them as well but everyone could tell that they had a close relationship.
  • “Let’s take a picture together! Haoyu, it has been a while since we last took pictures together!” Ningxi grabbed his arm and cheered.
  • ……
  • After blowing the candles, Xia Yaxin went away quietly. She found a quieter place and brought herself a glass of hot water. She was trying to compose herself.
  • Sometime later, Ningxi approached her and asked, “Sister Yaxin, what are you doing here all alone?”
  • When Xia Yaxin heard Ningxi’s voice, she tried to smile at her, “Yeah, I’m feeling a little tired and I came to rest!”
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