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Chapter 624 Reconciliation

  • She didn’t think much. Right after she entered the gym, she looked around for the familiar figure.
  • Most of the people there came to vent or find some excitements. And most of the women came in leather tops and short pants. None of them dressed up like Tuan Tuan, so innocent and pretty. She became eye catchy and some men were whistling at her. Tuan Tuan simply ignored them and focused on searching for Su.
  • It was very lively and noisy inside. When Tuan Tuan squeezed herself nearer to the stage and saw the men in it, she was stunned.
  • Both of the boxers were exchanging blows in intense ferocity. They were covered in blood and she couldn’t even recognize their face.
  • At that time, Tuan Tuan recalled that she had always seen this on TV. Illegal boxing matches.
  • Then… What was Su doing here?
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