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Chapter 582 Coincidence 6

  • On the other side.
  • After Belle got in the car, she looked at Xia ChengXuan. The woman looked different from the night in the bar, with heavy make-ups and provocative dress on. She was in casual style and had her long hair cascading down her back. She looked pretty.
  • “You are finally willing to meet me!” Belle looked at Xia ChengXuan and asked. She had a dimple and it was alluring.
  • But no matter how much of a charmer she was, Xia ChengXuan wouldn’t give her another look, “Just speak. Why are you looking for me?”
  • “Nothing special. I simply miss you. You didn’t answer my calls and I have no choice but to call your company.” Belle said.
  • When Xia ChengXuan heard that, he frowned in frustration, “I don’t have the time to waste with you. What do you want, speak!” Xia ChengXuan asked impatiently.
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