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Chapter 570 Glue 3

  • When Xia Yaxin heard that, she sneered, “I think this is just another malicious attempt. However, now that it is still under investigation, I look forward to the day when the truth is revealed!” Xia Yaxin said.
  • Han Yiqiu was stunned for a while and she sneered, “Then let’s wait for it!” After saying that, she leered at Xia Yaxin and turned away to leave.
  • Xia Yaxin looked at Han Yiqiu’s back view in deep thought. The woman wanted to live in the moment and appreciate her happiness, she didn’t want to keep bad accounts. However, she also knew that it wasn’t up to her.
  • Someone had attempted to take her life over and over again. She mustn’t be on the receiving end just like that.
  • When it was lunch time, Xia Yaxin went to meet Mu Haoyu.
  • Now that everyone knew about their relationship, they weren’t curious anymore.
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