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Chapter 517 Surprise 4

  • “That’s good. Don’t forget about Han Yiqiu as well. She is a sly woman and you must make sure to be careful!” Xia ChengXuan reminded her again. The brother was worried that Xia Yaxin might get into trouble.
  • When Xia Yaxin heard that, she looked at Xia ChengXuan, “Bro, do you think a crazy person is smarter or a calm person?”
  • Xia ChengXuan’s lips curled up mirthfully, “She wouldn’t be following the usual path and she isn’t hesitant to break the law. I’m afraid because you are in a disadvantage!”
  • “She is in a dangerous situation now. I believe she wouldn’t dare to make any attempt on me anymore!” Xia Yaxin was confident.
  • “I hope so too!”
  • Xia Yaxin smiled, “Bro, thank you for your care. One more thing, please don’t tell dad and mum about this, I do not want them to worry!”
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