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Chapter 51 Peek

  • There are certain times when you can’t avoid the inevitable and such is the time for Mu and Yaxin. The SRD organized a jewellery exhibition and all candidates are required to join in and thus, they had to go together.
  • Ever since that day, they had mutually steered clear from each other and now it was just downright awkward to be in the same car.
  • Initially Yaxin intended to get a cab, but when she saw the thunder on his face, she swallowed her words and followed obediently behind. She was willingly to compromise as long as it meant saying one less word to Mu.
  • Yaxin nimble-footedly moved into the backseat and shut the door immediately. While Mu sat in the front driving, just like a chauffeur escorting his young lady…
  • Yaxin didn’t care about that and all she did was countdown the time needed to reach the exhibition.
  • Mu too, sealed his lips the entire journey.
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