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Chapter 5 Work

  • Early the next day, Yaxin reported for duty at Yun Rui Corp.
  • The company staffs handled her with outmost respect. Which was understandable considering her distinguished qualifications.
  • “Miss Xia, luckily the weather is on our side today! The sun and I are pleased to offer you our heartiest welcome!” Madam Zhang from the HR department extended her friendly handshake, “I must say I am surprised by your young age. And may I say, you are absolutely gorgeous!”
  • Yaxin responded affectionately with a sweet smile, “Thank you for the kind words Madam Zhang. I admire you too! I can only imagine the exceeding hard work and capabilities to claim the position of manager at your young age!”
  • Well, a flattering compliment is verbal sunshine.
  • Madam Zhang let out a jovial laugh, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to the DoD (Department of Design).”
  • Yaxin bowed gently and followed closely as Madam Zhang sashayed towards DoD.
  • Once they entered the premise, Madam Zhang clapped her hands for attention, “Everyone please take a break. You have a new co-worker today!”
  • When everyone shifted their attention to the newcomer, Madam Zhang announced, “Allow me to introduce - Miss Xia Yaxin, she just got back from London, and from today onwards she will be part of your team!”
  • Members of DoD stared fervently at Yaxin. Be it men or women, their eyes shone when they noticed this dazzling beauty. Yaxin was wearing a classical strapless dress that accentuated her slender frame, along with a gold-embroidered sash about her waist and simple jewelleries.
  • She stood by humbly and gracefully smiled to greet all the new faces. And they adore her even more.
  • As Madam Zhang signalled her to come forward, Yaxin took a few steps forward. With a bright and pleasant voice, she bowed and said, “Hello everyone, I am Xia Yaxin. Delighted to make your acquaintance and I look forward to the wonderful time working with you!”
  • “Welcome to DoD!” Someone yelled in hurray.
  • “Oh yes! Another beauty joining DoD!” Another male colleague joined in the fun.
  • Madam Zhang and Yaxin were brought to a titter. “Yeah that’s right, everyone in DoD is handsome and pretty!” Madam Zhang followed on and gained a loud cheer from the crowd.
  • Then, Madam Zhang waved to call for a modern looking lady, “Coco, Yaxin is our newbie here. You are hereby in charged to assist her.”
  • Coco was also fashionably dressed, shrouding her petite figure in a sacklike print dress with pink stripes.
  • “Roger that!” She replied.
  • After a short briefing, Madam Zhang reminded Yaxin to report herself before the President by the end of the day.
  • Yaxin nodded in affirmation.
  • “Carry on with your good works. I must make a move now.”
  • “Yes Madam.”
  • And so Yaxin had now joined the Yun Rui Corp officially.
  • Coco was diligent and helpful, making the transitioning processes smooth like butter.
  • “Thank you so much Coco!” Yaxin sincerely expressed her gratitude.
  • “You are most welcome. Should you need any help, just ask!” Coco replied cheerfully.
  • “Will do!”
  • “Alright, do carry on. I will go back to work now.”
  • “Sure, see you around.”
  • “Ciao~”
  • Both of them returned to their respective desks and begun their work. Yaxin carefully scanned around, and she was more than satisfied with her new workplace and office environment. And so, the long hours of work routine begun.
  • When it was noon time, Coco approached and invited her for lunch.
  • “Yaxin, want to grab lunch together? I’ll show you around!”
  • “Yes please!”
  • And the both of them took off leisurely to the cafeteria.