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Chapter 48 Exchange

  • “So, don’t act so high and mighty Mr.Mu. You of all people are also divorced, you have no right to judge me!” Yaxin raged, pushed him off and stormed out the door.
  • Mu’s eyes locked at Yaxin like a magnet, all the way until she left the room. He clenched his jaws and frowned tightly. What she said was true enough, but it wasn’t to his liking.
  • Yaxin breathed a sigh of relief when she got out of the lounge. If it weren’t for her quick-wittedness, Mu could’ve dug deeper and eventually, he would find out the truth.
  • Imagine when he found out the man who divorced her was none other than he himself!
  • Nonetheless, it was not bad thing now that the cat was out the bag. At least that was a worry taken out her mind. She was even amazed at Mu, his cluelessness until this extent, he must have completely forgotten about her…
  • Now then, Yaxin started to feel a little piqued. Just like everyone else that was forgotten or left out, a petulant feeling stirred within her. But Yaxin was substantially more relieved at how things turned out, it was definitely a lead off her chest.
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