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Chapter 438 Special 1

  • Half an hour later, Xia Yaxin was done with cooking. The two of them did not eat on the dining table and they chose to eat on the coffee table in the living room. Xia Yaxin simply sat down on the carpet.
  • She didn’t do a complicated dish, just spaghetti marinara.
  • “Girl, do you always eat just this for dinner?” Mu Haoyu asked.
  • “I am only cooking this because you came!” Xia Yaxin said. She knew that Mu Haoyu was a picky man and he would be particular with the presentation of his food. Therefore, after some considerations, Xia Yaxin decided to make Italian food.
  • After hearing that, Mu Haoyu squinted his eyes and smiled faintly, “Miss Xia, do you mind to explain what did you mean?”
  • “Pretentious people like to emphasize on the presentations. I have no choice but to make this!” Xia Yaxin exclaimed.
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