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Chapter 413 Murder 2

  • When Mu Haoyu heard that, he frowned and fumed, “Are you chasing me out!?”
  • “Of course not, why would I do that…” Xia Yaxin said smilingly but she was secretly gritting her teeth. Mu Haoyu, what are you trying to do!?!?
  • “Good then!” Mu Haoyu smiled. After that he simply reclined on the couch, “What a tiring day, I should rest for a bit!”
  • Rest?
  • When Xia Yaxin heard that, she frowned, “Exactly, it’s getting late now, President Mu should hurry home and rest!” Xia Yaxin reminded at the side.
  • “I’ve been working all day and it was so tiring. Not only that, I’ve been driving for so long. Let me rest a while and let’s talk later!” After saying that, Mu Haoyu lied flat and hugged a pillow. The man seemed as if he wanted to sleep right there.
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