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Chapter 405 Courting 3

  • Xia Yaxin did not feel the satisfaction of having a special treatment. Her long eyelashes flickered and she wanted to reject him. However, she couldn’t find a sound reason to reject the man in front of the crowd. Not only would she rouse suspicion, but she would make Mu Haoyu upset as well.
  • After contemplating, Xia Yaxin walked towards the man.
  • At that moment, the lift door opened and Mu Haoyu walked inside and waited for Xia Yaxin. Xia Yaxin hurried her steps and followed after him…
  • Assistant Jack was tactful and he said, “Sir, I just remembered that I had forgotten something, I’ll go collect it first…”
  • “Okay.” Mu Haoyu harrumphed disinterestedly. Jack smiled and walked away.
  • The man was very proud with his tactful action…
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