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Chapter 386 Coax 2

  • Before Coco was finished, Xia Yaxin said, “Alright now, let’s hurry and work. Didn’t you say this is red alert? And yet you dare to lose focus!” Xia Yaxin shooed her away.
  • When Coco heard that, she nodded in agreement. She stopped asking questions and went back to work.
  • Xia Yaxin sat in her own seat and continued with work. But the moment she flipped her design work open, all she could think of was the scene when they met earlier…
  • Coco was right, it felt so strange…
  • She couldn’t describe that feeling.
  • But as she recalled what Mu Haoyu said, she didn’t know how the two of them should get along in the future. It was best to let things be like this.
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