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Chapter 377 Battle 2

  • The man’s courtesy had won the favor of Xu Weiyin and Xia Tian.
  • Xia Yaxin said nothing and she simply smiled.
  • And so, for the few days that Xia Yaxin stayed in the Xia household, Song Jing had been visiting every day.
  • And whenever he visited, he would stay for dinner. The man had gotten very close with the family and he still maintained his cultural courtesy and gentlemanly habits.
  • After Xia Yaxin rested for so many days at home, she was almost recovered and so she went back to work as usual.
  • As for the matter between Xia Yaxin and Mu Haoyu, it was already a hot gossip in the company. Ever since the time Xia Yaxin got surrounded by reporters and Mu Haoyu saved her like a knight in shining armor, to the time she got admitted and got herself into grave danger, everyone in the company was speculating the relationship between Mu Haoyu and Xia Yaxin. However, no one was able to come up with a conclusion.
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