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Chapter 343 Manipulate 1

  • When Mu Haoyu saw his grandma’s expression, he was anxious and worried, “What happened to her?”
  • “Yaxin is fine and you are the one in trouble. The doctors said that you have several injuries all over your body. You must rest now!” Grandma Mu said.
  • When Mu Haoyu heard the grandmother’s word, he had a hunch that something was wrong.
  • “Grandma, tell me the truth, how is she now?” Mu Haoyu asked in a grim expression. He didn’t even dare to imagine.
  • “Yaxin is really fine...” The old woman said. But she appeared to be diffident as if she was trying to hide something.
  • The more she hesitated and tried to cover up, the more Mu Haoyu was worried. He asked no more and sat himself up, wanting to pluck off the infusion needles on the back of his wrist.
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