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Chapter 333 Danger 3

  • At that time, the nurse came out from inside and said, “I just saw her entering, why isn’t she inside…”
  • “Hurry and get the surveillance tape!” Mu Haoyu yelled.
  • The nurse seemed to realize something serious was happening. She didn’t say much and hurriedly got into the surveillance room. After that she got the technician to show Mu Haoyu the tapes.
  • It was brought forward to one hour ago. They saw that after Xia Yaxin entered her room, another man followed behind her. He was wearing a cap and a mask and his face was unidentifiable. However, just a look at the body figure and Mu Haoyu recognized the man, it was He Jingsheng!
  • How could he carelessly overlook that!
  • He saw him making Xia Yaxin unconscious and brought her out. Mu Haoyu gripped his fist tightly and the nurse was frightened as well. The hospital would get into trouble if something like that happened. As the supervising nurse, she will be held responsible as well.
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