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Chapter 299 Farce 5

  • “Hmm… Umm… Actually, I don’t think there’s a need to organize a press conference. The crowd will be forgetting this in some time!” Grandma Mu said.
  • “But now there are just so many reporters flooding at the company entrance. The workers can’t even get to and back from work. It had become a troublesome problem already!”
  • “Just take the special passage, or let Haoyu drive you back!” The old woman said.
  • “It is already bad enough with the misunderstanding. What if others saw us? It would just stir the problem further!” Xia Yaxin said.
  • Now she was just cranking her brain to think of an explanation for the busybodies in her department.
  • The old woman chuckled, “How could they see the two of you in the car. Didn’t you two sat in the car earlier today? And the reporters were staring outside and they couldn’t do anything, no?”
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