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Chapter 274 Paparazzi 1

  • “Yaxin, this is grandma’s gift for you!” After saying that, grandma Mu held Xia Yaxin’s hand and wanted to wear it for her.
  • The moment Xia Yaxin saw that, she immediately withdrew her hand, “Grandma, you can’t do that!”
  • When grandma Mu saw her gesture, she looked at her in a puzzle, “Why can’t I?”
  • “This looked very precious and costly, I cannot accept it!” Xia Yaxin said. She had already divorced Mu Haoyu. How could she accept a gift like that?
  • At that time, grandma Mu’s face turned black as she said, “Are you rejecting this old woman’s sincerity?”
  • “You brought so many things with you just now and I accepted. Now grandma wants to give you something in return. And you refused me?!” Grandma Mu said.
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