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Chapter 25 Bravado

  • Be it the lions’ den, she would valiantly take up the conquest!
  • As she entered the Yuan Shi building, she went straight to the receptionist and inquired, “Good morning, may I know if Mr. He is in?”
  • “Good morning, can I ask if you have an appointment with him?” The receptionist replied, but her gaze was teeming with an unnatural hint of pity.
  • After Coco’s extensive introduction and some self-study, Yaxin can fully comprehend the meaning behind her mild response.
  • But Yaxin was unbothered. She came fully prepared and more importantly, she came to win!
  • “I am afraid I don’t have an appointment,” Yaxin explained and smiled politely, “However, I am a designer from Yun Rui Corporation and I would like to have a chat with Mr. He regarding some business urgencies. Can I trouble you to inform him?”
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