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Chapter 249 Try 5

  • After getting changed, Xia Yaxin tied her hair up. She wore a comfortable casual wear and her spectacle and she got out the door.
  • Xia Yaxin was very familiar with her residential area. She enjoyed shopping in the market in the late noon.
  • She had always thought that one should live every single day in enjoyment and not stress. Therefore, she would be going to the market from time to time and make a good meal for herself. She found herself enjoying such simplistic joy!
  • After getting to the market, Xia Yaxin started to pick her vegetables and junk foods. She had a huge chunk on her trolley and they were all the brands that she preferred.
  • After shopping for over an hour, Xia Yaxin went to pay by the counter and walked home with her shopping bags.
  • It wasn’t too far and it only took her about a few minutes.
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