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Chapter 246 Try 2

  • Xia Yaxin simply smiled and didn’t say anything. Tuan Tuan sent her right to her doorsteps and checked around vigilantly.
  • “Will that President He look for you here?”
  • “He shouldn’t be. He didn’t know I’m staying here. Furthermore, he is now a wanted man. I don’t think he will be coming for me!” Xia Yaxin said.
  • When Tuan Tuan heard her, she nodded in agreement, “Alright then, you should take a good rest. I will come visit you after work!”
  • “You don’t have to trouble yourself like that, I will call you if there’s anything!" Xia Yaxin said.
  • Tuan Tuan looked at Xia Yaxin and nodded in agreement, “Alright then, remember to call me if anything happens!”
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