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Chapter 245 Try 1

  • “Isn’t it so? The beauty always falls for the prince charming that comes for the heroic rescue! This time round Mu Haoyu was the man. Are you telling me that you are not moved at all?” Tuan Tuan looked at Xia Yaxin smilingly.
  • Xia Yaxin looked back at her and said, “You know that the moths fly to their demise. I’m not an insect but a human being, hence I will most definitely not do something unwise like that!”
  • When Tuan Tuan heard her, she shook her head, “You have always been living so rigidly, playing by the rules!”
  • “If you don’t play by the rules, you are just at risk to sabotage your life!” Xia Yaxin answered.
  • “That isn’t true, I could tell that Mu Haoyu is a changed man. Moreover, he had saved you so heroically and even my opinion towards him changed!” Tuan Tuan said.
  • To be honest, when Xia Yaxin heard Tuan Tuan saying that, she was surprised. However, what the woman said was also the truth. Mu Haoyu was treating her completely different than before.
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