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Chapter 22 Exploitation

  • The two ended the call and Yaxin went back to her seat. She tidied her desk and carefully reviewed the document from Mu…
  • She studied it meticulously and realised that this task is completely unrelated to her field of expertise.
  • Her eyebrow loured in concern, this seemed to be an intentional complication from Mu.
  • However it may be, she did not have much of a choice, a sink or swim situation. And Tuan Tuan will be charged with criminal offense.
  • Yaxin massaged her temple and begun processing the available information. Her gaze was focused and determined. She took it as a challenge to herself, and most importantly, to save Tuan Tuan.
  • After an hour, she reclined restfully and relaxed her strenuous eyes. It was fortunate for her to have substantial business exposures when she was studying in London. She was also especially grateful that many of her learning opportunities were not limited to classroom experiences only, but also covered interpersonal skills, problem solving techniques and critical thinking competence.
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