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Chapter 215 Rage 1

  • “President Mu, President Song, if the person is still in the hotel, we will definitely find her!” The manager hurriedly coaxed them.
  • Mu Haoyu couldn’t hear a word he said and all he wanted was to find Xia Yaxin.
  • “Stop bull-shitting me. If you couldn’t find the person, you will bear the consequences!” Mu Haoyu threatened the man.
  • When the manager heard him, his back was drenched in cold sweat.
  • Song Jing was anxious too. As he saw Mu Haoyu was losing rationality, he said no more. At that time, he raised his head and noticed that there was no CCTV in the corridor. The man frowned and said, “don’t you have CCTV in your hotel?”
  • When the manager heard that, he hurriedly nodded, “the CCTV in this corridor happened to be broken yesterday. We removed it and had yet to install it. But it’s just this corridor and we have it everywhere else!” The manager added.
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