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Chapter 203 Glare 1

  • Luckily Mu Haoyu didn’t ask further. At that time, the lift door opened with a *Ding*…
  • “President Mu, see you!” At that time, Xia Yaxin carried her documents and stepped out first.
  • Mu Haoyu walked out right away and said, “I’ll send you back.”
  • “There’s no need, I’ve already gotten a cab!” Xia Yaxin said smilingly and hurriedly off.
  • Mu Haoyu stood there and stared at Xia Yaxin’s back view. The man frowned and said nothing and he drove away.
  • Ever since Han Yiqiu found out that Xia Yaxin was Mu Haoyu’s ex-wife, she had never appeared again.
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