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Chapter 2 Truth

  • “Mu Haoyu, today I pull you out like a tooth that aches and throw you away. From now onwards, we walk our separate ways!”
  • Putting aside the divorce agreement, Yaxin rubbed her loured eyebrows and let her hair down.
  • Her long lustrous hair cascaded down her back, contrasted strongly with her fair, marble-like complexion. Her sultry figure was like a masterpiece, gorgeously beautiful!
  • And at that moment, her aura radiated warmth and colours of hope. Her gaze was doubtless and serene.
  • Finally, it’s time to leave this wretched place!
  • Yaxin made no delays and immediately dressed herself up. She tossed her dull clothes on the bed and changed into a canary yellow bow dress and put on her favourite Brigitte heels. Instantly she looked like a top model. She picked and packed few of her favoured clothing, tidied her room and rolled on with her luggage.
  • Mrs Lee was keeping the house when she heard Yaxin coming down. She was then awestruck by her dissimilar look.
  • This lady of completely different vibe, are they really the same person? Mrs Lee couldn’t help but wonder.
  • Yaxin approached Mrs Lee and greeted her cheerfully, “Aunty!”
  • “My…my lady!” Mrs Lee exclaimed, still finding it difficult to accept all these abrupt changes.
  • With a joyous tone, Yaxin explained, “Me and Mu are divorcing. I should go my own way now. I sincerely thank you for your care all these while!” Yaxin bowed her head respectfully to this conscientious and kind woman.
  • “Oh dear don’t, serving you is my responsibility. However my lady, are you seriously leaving this place?” Mrs Lee asked.
  • Yaxin nodded earnestly. Her face looked absolutely stunning now with flawless make up.
  • “Of course!” She replied.
  • “If Mr. Mu saw you now, I daresay the divorce is not going to happen.” Mrs Lee stared intensely at her and blabbed.
  • Listening to her words, Yaxin giggled like a schoolgirl and said, “Aunty, please keep this a secret!”
  • After all, her effort was to blind Mu from the truth.
  • After a long pause, Mrs Lee can only concur. “Alright, please be sure to take care of yourself, my lady…” She urged with sincere care.
  • “Roger that! You take care too!” Yaxin said gently and gave her a tight hug. In this cheerless place, Mrs Lee has been her one and only console, assisting and caring for her like a mother. Yaxin wholeheartedly thank her for her grace and kindness.
  • “See you, aunty.”
  • “My lady, can I send you off?”
  • “It’s alright, my lift is here. Please have an early rest today.” Yaxin persuaded.
  • At last, Mrs Lee insisted to accompany her at the doorway.
  • Yaxin threw a disliking glimpse at her dull wear and hurled it into the dustbin before she got into the cab.
  • Aha! Am I lucky or unlucky, that it is so undemanding for me to say goodbye and leave all these behind!
  • As the cab disappeared in sight, Mrs Lee let out a heavy sigh, “if Mr. Mu find out about this, he is definitely going to regret.”
  • Sometime later, Yaxin arrived the airport. She looked out the glass door at the enchanting night view and bid them farewell.
  • Goodbye A city!
  • Goodbye misery life!
  • Que Sera Sera!