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Chapter 191 Competition 2

  • “Then what are you afraid of?!” Mu Haoyu asked back. All these whiles, there were only women that tried to have scandalous relationship with him, desperate to find ways to get closer to him. Xia Yaxin was the first one that wanted nothing to do with him!
  • “I simply didn’t want to gain attention. For a person of president Mu’s stature, it is highly probable that anything to do with you has high news value. I don’t want to be in the front cover of magazines anymore, I simply want a peaceful and simple life!” Xia Yaxin said.
  • “That’s it?” Mu Haoyu turned his head over and stared dubiously at her.
  • Xia Yaxin nodded firmly, “that’s it!”
  • Mu Haoyu examined her expression and felt that she didn’t have other motivation. Only then the man nodded in agreement, “all right, I can do that. But make sure you don’t piss me off!”
  • “……”
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