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Chapter 129 Ex-wife 2

  • At that time, Xia Yaxin walked forward and stood before the mic, “the agenda of the press conference today was to address the rumors about buying in the Xia group. We will have president Mu to make clarification on that matter!” After saying that, Xia Yaxin excused herself and looked at Mu Haoyu.
  • Mu Haoyu gave her an eye roll and went to the middle of the stage.
  • At that time, before he even said anything, the reporters started to ask questions.
  • “President Mu, is that real that you planned to buy in the Xia group?”
  • “The two companies are operating differently; may we ask what is president Mu’s intention of doing that?”
  • “We heard that you had married the daughter of the Xia family previously, but after that the two of you divorced. Did your ex-wife know you are doing that?”
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