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My Mom's Mate Is A Bad Wolf

My Mom's Mate Is A Bad Wolf


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • “S-stop, please I’m begging you!” I beg helplessly, but he keeps continuing what he is doing, his hand caressing my thigh while licking my right ear.
  • “Don’t act innocently, Cora, an omega like you is formed to give what an Alpha need. Let me breed you!” He bit my shoulder leaving some mark on it, he stares at it and smiles. “perfect, this is what you need to do.”
  • His hand continued caressing my whole body and ripping my skirt exposing my underwear, he did the same with my upper shirt and bra, letting my breasts be seen by him. Even if I want to hide it, I can’t. My both hands tied by his tie, all I can do is cry and look out of the window.
  • The moon is so bright and perfectly round…
  • I should listen to them, I should not meet him tonight.
  • I forgot that it’s time for hunting season to breed.
  • “Ash, please stop. Please come back to your senses, don’t do this I’m begging you.” I said, thinking that he might stop. But it’s all useless, he keeps kissing at licking every corner he can reach in my body.
  • “Don’t resist me, Cora, you will feel good soon.” He whispers to my ears and bites me again, his hand slipping between my legs.
  • I try to kick him, “no! Don’t touch me there, Ash! This is not right, I don’t want this let me go.” I weakly whisper between my sobs, I still want to enjoy my life, I’m not ready to have a child…
  • “I told you, Cora, this is what omega’s for; don’t refuse me!” His eyes become darker, his grips tighter, and he becomes more violent as the moon shines brighter. “bare my child, Cora, let’s build a family.” He whispers again, a sharp pain rush through my whole body as if something rips from my body.
  • It hurt, my mind can’t think anymore… All I want is to finish everything.