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Chapter 21 TwentY OnE

  • Rosie pov,
  • In our life we cannot be good to everyone's eyes.. In some of them eyes we look like good people but in someother eyes we look like bad people.. We cannot change their view about us.. Regardless of that, if we move forward in our life then we can definitely reach success in our life..
  • Some of my tiny hairs fell on my face unable to endure the speed of the wind, I took that hairs and curled it behind my ears.. Now I am on the way to see the house for rent.. Manju dropped me in the hotel at morning like as usual, I didn't tell her that I was going to look for rental house because I don't want any of them to know where I am going to staying after the divorce.. It may be selfish to think like this but I have no choice.. If anyone in his house talk with me after our divorce, it would cause problem in his future life.. He looks very happy when he talks with his fiance on the phone and I don't want to spoil his happiness again.. My thoughts are stopped by the voice of the taxi driver..
  • " Sister we reached the place you mentioned"
  • I nodded and got out of the taxi and told taxi driver to wait and went to see house owner.. I pressed the doorbell and waited for door to be opened.. After a few seconds, someone opened the door.. When I saw the person who opened the door, I was totally stunned.. I really don't expected to see her here..
  • " Rosie.. It's you ??.. I never thought I would see you again.. You still looks like before.." she told me with a smrik as she looked at me with ridicule expression
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