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Chapter 6 Get acquainted

  • Doubt now surrounds me. Between letting go, letting go or keeping you.
  • Jeffry Ernest Luxion
  • ****
  • "I'm so hungry..." Zara suddenly fell silent looking thoughtful. "Emm... from the start I didn't know your name. What's your real name? From the start I just called you a cruel vampire, crazy vampire, strange vampire,..?!"
  • "You do not need to know!" Jeffry quickly cut off Zara's words. "Have you always been this disrespectful!! If you don't want to tell me your name. What should I call you?!" Zara shouted as she stopped her steps and looked at Jeffry in annoyance.
  • "I don't want to walk anymore! I can't stand it anymore, I'm so hungry!! I haven't eaten all day!! You kidnapped me but didn't feed me! If I starve to death it's useless for you to kidnap me!!" raved Zara long and wide, clutching her rumbling stomach.
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