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Chapter 8 Lon live the Potentissimus

  • (Lael POV)
  • I walked up to the throne room and sat next to my dad, my energy extracted in but was still showing slightly and beaming, I looked at my dad and he smiled at me "What?" I asked him telepathically "Your white royal robe is beaming with majestic aura, I have never seen a robe like that it's beautiful and besides it suits you though" he complimented me and I looked at him and saw a tinte of pink staining his cheeks as he blushed making me to chuckle.
  • "Thanks Daniel" I said telepathically and he nodded not saying anything back to me before standing up and stepped a little forward but still on the throne step "You all knew why we are here today, and as for some that didn't know, we are here to discuss on three main things,
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