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Chapter 4 My dangerous secrets

  • (Lael POV)
  • I after leaving the meeting room yesterday, I decided to head straight to my room and rest whilst preparing for the meeting with the council with announce to the noble families my departure to the Central Castle.
  • Central Castle is a town build where the king's of all the kingdoms come together and build a Crystalline castle making it a place in which kingdoms meeting will be holding anytime the kingdoms has a together important or ceremonial meeting, they have ended going to any kingdom to have a general meeting to avoid poisoning but my dad is working on a pill that will be immune to any poison so far whilst I am secretly working on an Immortality pill.
  • I have completed pills that can make the three species live for hundred thousand years but I have kept all of them in my dimension because I can't keep something like that in my room, even though it's a well protected king bedroom of the heir and all that but anything is possible that's what I believe.
  • I have been going to my dimension to train and gather powers to it to be released anytime I needed it, i have many dangerous secrets about myself which people do not know, whilst my father and my second hand and best friend knew some of them.
  • I have never opened the dimension to tap power from it door, I only use it for training and the mana there are pure and golden, I have another secret which is I can siphon magic from my surroundings, from living things, and sadly but deadly even from my fellow witch, I can also drain a witch from his magic completed rendering him or her useless till he/she wait for their mana reserve to refilled back with may take sometime, hours or days and as you might be thinking before the mana will refill I can kill the person without even putting up a fight, it was part of the secret my father and Jordan my best friend knew and they did well by keeping it a secret.
  • When my father ascended the throne years back, his abilities shocked many kingdoms and they thought that he will overthrown them but he did nothing which earned him tremendous respect today, but if they find out that I can drain their energy completely and render them useless, they will surely be overtaken by fear and wage war so we thought it's for the best to hide it too whilst making people call me a tadbit more powerful than my father, if only they knew.
  • My father and Jordan also know about the pills that I was making, I have also given them each one of the hundred thousand years pills so practically they can live eighty thousand years more.
  • Of course if the other kingdoms find out about this pill too, they will still wage a war forgetting that the person who made it can destroy it before they even reach him, I shook my head "Greedy brainless rulers" I mumbled as I waved my hand, portal leading to my dimension appeared and I stepped through it " Don't you dare leave again without me" Jordan my bestfriend said looking at me warning look but he is just afraid that I would leave him again.
  • Sometimes I will enter my dimension and stay there for days without coming out, all the fruits there are full of manners besides I can easily conjure already roasted meat and devour.
  • Jordan has been doing with me most of the time but not all of the time, he usually tag along with me because he would feel bored not that he can't get a company from one of our age mate witch because they are thousands here and most of them are powerful good people that love me, but why he love tagging along was because he love and only relaxes when he is with me.
  • His dad is one of the member of the council and usually there have not been second hand in our kingdom only the king assistance that helped him run his businesses but I decided to have a second hand who is Jordan.
  • The male is kind and powerful, he is six foot one, muscular but not overly as he is slightly bigger than me, I am more ripped in muscles and more of pretty, whilst he is also ripped and more of handsome, he has green eyes like my father and a brown hair that covers his eyes in a sexy way, the guy is hot and we have had a couple of sexs and I fucked him good which made him fall in love more but not in the romantic way, he more like craved my body as he can't get enough as he normally say, my ripped muscles are so sexy that even my father commented on it.
  • Currently I am putting on a plane pants with nothing inside whilst shirtless, I planned on dressing up once I finished with what I am about to do inside.
  • All the time Jordan has been following me to the dimension, he has been practicing there am I would say that a wave of his hand can take out ten wolves.
  • He approached me and we entered the portal, I made it vanished from my room because it's not located there I only just conjured an entrance there, and I can do so in any kingdom that I am in because it's mine dimension and only me has access to it, I can also change the dimension to the way I like, like making it a snow town or a flower town or an occasion beach, I also build a golden castle inside it because the my mana is golden so I use the mana to build it, I never said I am in my achievements even when I created the hundred thousand years pills but I will proudly say I am proud of the castle because it's like heavenly realm castle gleaming with gold.
  • "Who are really the ones going to thr meeting?" Jordan asked "All the heirs in the whole kingdoms, so as the heir to the second-in-command seat, you are going with me" I said and the hot male smiled, I knew he asked me the question with the intention of asking if he could go with me.
  • "There is no time before the meeting of the council so let's begin" I said and he nodded.
  • "Omnipotens auri potestas, ianuam aperi prosperitatis, successorem tuum excel" I chanted and everything turned to gold as I start what I came there for.